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Bonnie Bowles
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Welcome to Wills & Wellness
Bonnie Bowles is a new mom and estate planning attorney helping growing families with their estate planning. Wills & Wellness originated with Bonnie when she was nine months (and very!) pregnant. While anticipating the major life change she was about to experience, she felt the drive to really focus her career on estate planning for growing families at the same time as expanding her own family. Along with her husband and new daughter, Bonnie has a growing family just like yours. And just like you, she worries about what would happen to her daughter if something happened to her.

** New Estate Planning Workshop! **

Attention parents! Estate planning gets even easier. What would happen to your children if something happened to you? You can know the answer to this question by going through this 4-week estate planning workshop with hands-on guidance from Bonnie, new mom and estate planning attorney—and your children and loved ones will love you for it. Join Bonnie to get your FULL estate plan and guardianship documents for the protection of your children and family. Bonnie has a growing family just like yours and just like you, she worries about what would happen to her daughter if something happened to her.

Read more about this workshop and our other packages!


Listen in on Bonnie's interview with Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer on the Experience Pros Radio Show - Starting a Revolution in How People Treat People in Business!

Attention parents
Now is the time to protect your children by choosing their guardian—and contrary to popular opinion, not in your will. Protect yourself by deciding ahead of time who will step into your shoes and make decisions for you when you can't. And, protect your nest egg from an unintended distribution and the hassle and expense of probate. If you have a growing family tree, there is no more important job than protecting your kids and your assets. We help you plan your estate and gain invaluable peace of mind.
How we help
As estate planning attorneys, our mission is to educate growing families about the importance of estate planning and choosing a guardian for your children. We are the architects who help families build excellent estate plans. We remodel your estate plan as life changes, your priorities change, and the law changes. Our goal is for you to have the confidence your estate plan will withstand even the most powerful or unexpected storms—when your loved ones need it most.

Free guide for parents
Are you missing out on a chance to protect your kids? Sign up today to receive your free guide with 7 tips on how your estate plan should be protecting your children. Just let us know who you are and how to get in touch with you, and you'll receive immediate access to your free guide. (Your information remains private.)

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